RUMOR PATROL: Indie Filmmaker Emily Carmichael to Direct Captain Marvel?


Marvel’s Captain Marvel has been shrouded in nothing but mystery and rumors. All we know is that there’s a good chance we can expect to see her in Infinity War. While we don’t know who will direct the film or who will play Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, there’s an interesting theory being thrown around that could explain it.

A few weeks back The Wrap reported that they heard from a source that Marvel was looking for a woman to direct the film and another to star in the film, obviously. But the catch with those two was that they had to share the same name. Weird, we know, but hey it’s a rumor. For now.

Interestingly enough though, Nicole Perlman – co-writer for Captain Marvel along with Meg LeFauve – just recently followed Emily Carmichael, a pretty well known indie filmmaker, on Twitter. Not convincing enough? Well, Carmichael recently made a post on her Instagram, captioning it with “on my way to a Disney meeting” – which she changed very shortly after.


This wouldn’t catch so much attention if the rumor we previously mentioned hadn’t been said. Carmichael shares the same first name as Emily Blunt, which is an actress that fans have been clamoring for to star in the role. This will obviously cause a few people to raise their eyebrows and ponder the possibility of this actually happening, but in all honesty there’s so little to go on from this rumor, so don’t hold your breath. Carmichael is usually the type of director that Marvel Studios would target to helm this kind of film, and Blunt is a great actress who’s proved time and time again that she’s more than capable of taking on an action role. As always though, we’ll do our best to keep you all updated on what becomes of all this.

Captain Marvel is scheduled to release on March 8th, 2019.


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