Geek Speak Vol. 4: Non-Superhero/Comicbook Property that Deserve to be on TV/Film?

What is up my dudes! Okon here. I know I’ve been slacking on the website as a whole, but I got a lot going on and im trying to do the best I can. On the bright side, I’m back with another volume of Geek Speak.

So I think we’re all aware by now that Superhero/Comicbook movies and TV shows are what’s big right now. Everything is getting a crossover, a franchise, or some shared universe. I don’t have a problem with that (most of the time), but there’s plenty of other things out there that deserve a chance to be turned into a movie of TV show. We’ve seen things like The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Harry Potter turned into big franchises, but surely there’s other novels, poems, etc. that deserve a chance on the big – or small screen. I found a few people that agree with me on that topic, and they shared a few things they’d like to see get the live action treatment. Check them out below:

Percy Jackson (TV Show)


“I’d definitely want a Percy Jackson series. Especially after reading @nerdypoc article on how it could go. It has a lot of opportunity to be one of the most diverse shows on TV. Plus the author hated the movies and is more open to listen to fans about having diversity without culture appropriation than most authors.”

-Dre Willis (Twitter: @DCW_Kami)

Milk And Honey


“I would want Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey to become a movie. In my vision for the movie, each poem would have it’s own short scene that puts the words into picture. It’d have an abstract and indie feel, a short film.”

Vyvian Nguyen (Twitter: @RICEBUN)


“I’d love to see a Full Metal Alchemist series or franchise. I’ve always loved the storylines and the relationship between the Elric brothers as well as the people in their lives. I think it’s one of those properties that could benefit being a live action film trilogy because it could give more condensed and tight storytelling opportunities.”

-Tevin Murphy (Twitter: @BlckBolex)

Luckily, we’re getting a Japanese-made FMA film soon, so let’s hope that does the Manga/Anime justice.

The Hardy Boys


The Hardy Boys would be an interesting property to bring to live-action, they’re basically two teenage brothers who are amateur detectives. They live in an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue. Their father is a detective as well, so sometimes they find them self wrapped up in some of his cases. The stories are pretty dark sometimes, revolution around theft, kidnapping and murder. Definitely has a heavy ‘Goonies‘ feel to it.”

-Josh Sharpe (Twitter: @DarkKnightOfRen)

East Of West/Rat Queens

East Of End: Westworld already showed that Sci-Fi westerns work. Why not build one around the apocalypse?”

Rat Queens: Basically an R-Rated, all-female Guardians of the Galaxy, but with Magic “

-Brian Rawls (Twitter: @AshyGod)

I really recommend you guys check out these series, they’re great reads.

The Program


“Okay so, I definitely think The Program deserves to be on film. It’s a very good book and it’s unique to where many don’t really discuss suicide nor put it as their topic for a story. It has it’s plot twists and heartbreaking moments. It’s also something I think some people can sort of come to relate to it in a way. But anyways, it definitely deserves to be on the big screen!!”

-Selena Pacheco (Twitter: @SelenaPacheco_)

Welcome To Nightvale


“I think the podcast Welcome To Nightvale would make a pretty dope animated movie. It’s a super trippy podcast but they do such a good job with world building. You feel immersed everytime you listen, and it’d be so cool to see the crazy shit they talk about on screen. Like the city council is actually this one large sentient being that you can’t make eye contact with or they’ll eat you. There’s creepy hooded figures all over town. There’s a giant glow cloud that rains dead cats and dogs that everyone worships but it also is head of the PTA at the school. And they just had a book released (I think a year ago) that wasn’t even about the main characters from the podcast but other people in town and they did a really good job of showing how people in the town can have such crazy but compelling and interesting stories, and it’s really funny at points. But I can also see it having some beautiful visuals (either live action or animated) since there’s so much going on.”

-Saron Penrose (Twitter: @IsARealGirl )

So clearly, a lot of people want to see certain books or shows get the live-action treatment, and who wouldn’t? We all like seeing our favorite properties brought to life (accurately of course), so let hope at least one of these dope properties gets developed.

Thanks to everyone who helped out this time around, it was greatly appreciated!

In Geek Speak Vol. 5, We want to know what the worst Book-to-film adaptation you’ve ever seen is! Looking at you, Fifty Shades of Grey.

See you guys in the next one!


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