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CALLING ALL SUPERHERO FANS! Okon here, and im reaching out to all of you geeks out there. Alright, lets get right down to business.

Superhero Task Force is a website created by a fan, FOR fans. Everything on this site was created, designed and written by just one person, me. I love what i do, and i don’t seek any money from this, but i want a big team behind this and an even bigger following. There are geeks everywhere in the world, and i really want to reach them all and help keep them informed in the things they love. The mission is to become a site that fans will count on for reliable and entertaining news, but that can’t exactly be done by just one person with how much news comes pouring out day by day, so we’re taking applications for writers! We want skilled writers who are passionate about all things geek culture to help get this site to be what it’s destined to be. Maybe even someone to help maintain the website design. After all, you can’t exactly be a one man task force. If you’re interested in this, just fill out the form below and submit it, and we’ll get back to you ASAP and let you know if you’re a fit for our team! I really hope to hear from some of you guys soon!

Also if you’re reading this, follow our twitter page (@HeroTaskForce) and give us a shoutout! Any support is greatly appreciated.

-Okon Essien

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