About Us

Founded in 2015, Superhero Task Force is an up and coming site dedicated to bringing you the latest news pertaining to all of your favorite things to geek out about, but with a fresh and unique spin.

Our goal is to separate ourselves from other sites that have the same type of content, and eventually make a name in the industry as a reliable source that people trust and count on.

Get To Know The Gang!

 PicsArt_09-03-12.05.10.pngOkon Essien – Owner and Writer (Texas, USA)

Sup everyone! Okon here. I’m a 19 year old Nigerian from Dallas, Texas, and im currently the man in charge on Superhero Task Force. I’m a one man machine at the moment, but i am hoping to get more geeks and lovers of all things nerd to join this team. I’m currently attending Community College and im trying to sort out my major, but i do know i love film and Superheroes. I think Harrison Ford is totally the greatest action star ever because he played both Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Also, im a big Kanye West fan. Sue me.


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