Geek Speak Vol. 3: Movie Theater Pet Peeves?


Whats up guys! Back with another volume of Geek Speak.

MOVIE THEATERS. We all love to go to the movies. But there’s always that couple that makes too many jokes and annoys the hell out of you. Or maybe it’s the person who brought their 2 month old (because why the hell not). Everyone has their movie theater pet peeves, but there’s just some that really get under your skin. We wanted to figure out what things people do at the movies that really piss you off, or things that just happen at the movies that bother you. Here are the best answers we got:

Needing To Pee


“When the movie starts and halfway through you realize you have to pee, but it’s getting to the good part and you don’t want to risk missing anything, so you hold it in.”

-Zahid Alvarado (twitter: @2cute4dis)


Cell Phones


“For biggest movie theater pet peeves, number one gotta be cell phones. Call me a purist, but nothing pisses me off more than a bright ass screen going off when im trying to watch a movie. Mad distracting.”

-Brian Rawls (twitter: @AshyGod)



“My pet peeve is when a group of teens come in cause you know they’re gonna be so fucking annoying and disrespectful.”

– Dj (twitter: @clippersljp)

When People Sit Too Close


“Hmmm i would have to honestly say my biggest pet peeve would be when you go see a movie and it’s not crowded AT ALL, a plethora of seats available, and people come sit directly in front of you, stealing your foot rest lol but obviously if it’s crowded get in where ya fit in.”

-Taylor Bauldwin (twitter: @Taylor_Made20)

Babies Crying/People Asking Too Many Questions


“Babies Crying”

-Melissa Barron (twitter: @melissabarr0n)

“I agree with Melissa. That and when [people] don’t understand the movie so they keep asking hella questions like boiiii watch the movie.”

-Miguel Banda (twitter: @MiguelBandaa)

Very well thought out answers, guys. I appreciate that.

When People Get Mad At Others for Reacting To The Movie


“Okay my movie theater pet peeve is probably when people get annoyed at other people from physically reacting to the film. It bothers me because films aren’t just made for people to just sit and observe. It’s a whole experience. So when people get annoyed when people cheer during a certain part or cry or laugh im always just like God let people enjoy things.”

-J’Neia Stewart (twitter: @neia_the_libra)



“Texting. Or really just using your phone at all. The second I see a bright light, all my attention is on it and not the movie. It’s super distracting and rude in my opinion.”

– Ashley Rascoe (twitter: @ashrascoe_)



“People using their flashlight. [What the hell] is up with that? Also people talking during important parts of the movie (or at all). Even if there’s 5 people in the theater, it doesn’t matter, shut the hell up!”

-Uduak Essien (twitter: @FoxxyUD)

Various Things


“This question is pretty easy to answer. Lol my biggest pet peeves are seeing a group of 13 year olds who are being obnoxious and loud who are obviously there because they have nothing to do. I also really dislike when people bring babies. I get if you wanna go out with your boo to relax and watch a funny movie or whatever, but please don’t bring your baby especially if they’ll cry at the top of their lungs and the parents don’t do anything about it. Another pet peeve is when people don’t pick up after themselves. There’s fucking trashcans right outside the the theater. ‘The employees will clean it up anyway’ no that’s ignorant and shows you have no manners or respect. Don’t be a dick and clean up after yourself.”

-Laura Reyes (twitter: @xlaura_reyesx)

Yeah, she definitely went in.

So it’s clear a lot of people hate many different things about going to the movies. Some you may agree with, some not. It’s pretty safe to say that many people have a lot to work on in regards to being courteous to other moviegoers. Or just stay home. That works too.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with our third volume of Geek Speak. As always it means a lot. The fourth volume focuses on topic that’s non-superhero related (shocking, we know):

We want to know of a Non-comicbook/Superhero story (or book) that deserves a film franchise. As always, share your answers with us via twitter (@HeroTaskforce). We look forward to the responses, and we’ll see you guys next time.



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