Geek Speak Vol. 2: Least Favorite Film of 2016?


What is up my dudes, we’re back with our second volume of Geek Speak. We just want to give a quick shout out to all the folks who helped us out with Volume 1, and also everyone that gave us positive feedback on it. It means a lot that we even got a little support out of you guys. Volume 2 is here, and we’re here to share what some folks on the internet told us was their least favorite film of 2016. This is the list where people really rip on the movies that they enjoyed the least this past year, and we had a blast reading the comments. But enough chit chat! Let’s hop into it with a few of the less than popular Superhero films from this year:

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


“Least favorite movie of 2016? I’m gonna have to go with Batman V Superman. Major letdown. They tried to incorporate two major DC storylines. Unnecessary and long action scenes that did nothing to move the story along. Alot of flaws. Nowhere near as terrible as Man of Steel though.”

-Juana Arambula (twitter: @xcamjx)

“My least favorite movie of 2016 was Batman Vs Superman. As a kid those were my two favorite heroes. When word came around that there was going to be a real life film of the two characters, i had such high hopes. Upon seeing the film, i felt like it was rushed, lacked action and ultimately didn’t live up to the hype. Once you take into account the number of great hero films there are, you can’t help but feel let down as Batman & Superman are supposed to be the two most iconic heroes there are.”

– Ryan D. Fort (twitter: @The_RyanDFort)

Suicide Squad


“It’s real easy to rip on it, but it really wasn’t a well made movie. The trailers were way better than the actual movie. It’s also a bad sign when there’s like 3 different cuts of the movie and the script was written so quickly. The movie had it’s fun and entertaining parts, but the good doesn’t outweigh the bad with Suicide Squad. And also DC did the whole thing with the DVD release being the ‘right version’ like they did with BvS, so that also annoyed me.”

-Christian Cruz (twitter: @_CACruz)

Suicide Squad. Good lord What the fuck.”

-Sarah Laoyan (twitter: @mowohai)

Well said, Sarah. Now, let’s get to some other sucky movies that people hated:


Blair Witch


“One of the top worst movies of 2016 would be… The Blair Witch Project. I was able to go to an advance screening (thank God i didn’t waste money to see it), and everything was so cheesy and poorly executed. Most of the scenes were POVs of each main character and included either their faces and/or trees. It basically was the same thing as the first version. The only difference was new characters, other than that i believed it was “too hyped” and seemed like all the other cheesy “horror” movies where you can easily predict what will happen.”

-Alba Gamez (twitter: @copyrightqueen)


The Divergent Series: Allegiant


“My least favorite movie of 2016 was Allegiant from the Divergent series. I was a big fan of the books, and even the first movie was decent. But the second movie was way off from the book, and I don’t even know what happened to the third movie. It was as if the writers completely threw out their source material to try to make some super post-apocalyptic thriller that could be as action packed as other teen blockbusters like The Hunger Games. Aside from that, the film lacked a coherent & interesting plot; I found myself getting bored every time someone opened their mouth. Even the special effects were slacking, especially for a movie with a big budget like this one. There was too much time spent talking about things and plot points that didn’t even affect the story line. The story itself was dry, unoriginal, and didn’t even make sense. I left the theater angry & confused.”
-Ashley Rascoe (twitter: @ashrascoe_)

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping


Popstar. It was so fucking bad. Pharrell washed ass in it . It was Ramadan, and my friends and I were at the mall wasting time until Iftar(*). It was just horrible, and i begged them to watch X-Men, but they all said ‘Only nerds watch X-Men'”

– Mohamad Mohamad Ali (twitter: @moesdeph)

(*): For those who don’t know, “Iftar” is the name of the meal that Muslim people eat after the sun sets during Ramadan. Just a quick fun fact.

It’s true that some “nerds” watch X-Men, but ironically enough, everyone we talked to that saw it wasn’t a big fan of it.

X-Men: Apocalypse


X-Men: Apocalypse had the opportunity to give backstory to characters like Storm, Angel, Psylocke, and Jubilee, and it did none of that. It centered them as background pieces”

-Tevin Murphy (twitter: @BlckBolex)

X-Men: Apocalypse was just dull. Coming off from arguably the best X-Men film, Days of Future Past, Apocalypse was just a generic film with no real stake.”

-Manny Castellanos (twitter: @Manny_Castell)

“In my honest opinion, X-Men: Apocalypse was the biggest mess of 2016. Movie made no damn sense, it takes place like 20 years after first class (fact check this) but all the characters look the same as well as the 80’s backdrop being underused. Going from first class and DOFP, I was really expecting something stellar, but Apocalypse delivered the opposite. Again, the movie found a way to focus on Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, who gave the most lackluster performance of her career. Furthermore, the movie wasted Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse through their use of bad writing. The women of color were also done poorly, Storm’s character was butchered, and Psylocke hardly spoke. The story as a whole was too simple and the movie was underwhelming, especially because for the most part it was boring dialogue and cameos leading up to one big battle at the end.”

Well, there you have it. This is what the internet has selected as their least favorite film of 2016. I meant to have this up before the year ended, but i got bogged down so i apologize. Hopefully 2017 will provide better films than the ones on this list. Thanks for everyone who helped with Geek Speak Vol.2. Volume 3 is already being worked on, and it should be up by the end of January. The topic this time: What is your biggest movie theater pet peeve?

If you’d like to take part in it, just DM your response to the STF twitter page (@HeroTaskforce), or send the DM to my personal account (@reallyokon), and we’ll include it. Thanks again, and see you guys next time!




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