Geek Speak Vol. 1: Favorite Film of 2016?


Hello all, and welcome to the first volume of Geek Speak! This is a new segment on our website where we ask a general question on the web (mostly twitter), and we make a collection of our favorite answers. This segment will usually take place once near the end of every month, and it’ll be a new question every time. The main thing we want to point out is that the questions are not all based on superheroes or comic books. It’s called Geek Speak, but you can geek out about literally anything. That’s enough exposition though, let’s get to it.

For the first volume, we asked people across twitter what their favorite film of 2016 was. This year gave us plenty of outstanding films, but of course everyone could only choose one. We got quite a few answers, but here are our favorite ones:

The Girl On The Train



“The Girl on The Train is nothing like you’d expect. It’s such a mindfuck. It’s a love pentagon. There’s like five people involved in the whole story and the end will have you trippin. Probably my favorite move of 2016”

-Sergio Herrera (twitter: @Chech_XO)



Okay i liked it because it captures the true persona of Deadpool 100%. Most movies change a lot or a little but this was spot on. It was funny obviously, and it captured a wide variety of moviegoers, not just superhero lovers.”

-Jonathan Ayala (twtter: @JonathanAyalaa_)

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them


“Fantastic Beast brought back the magical lore which is great to capture young audiences.”

-Hannah Bernabe (twitter: @hannahbernabe)

That was rather short, but Fantastic Beast was badass so it had to be included. Moving on.

Sing Street


“Sing Street was more personal to me. Watching it with my younger brother, we related to the experiences these siblings on screen had with each other. Knowing that one of them fucked up in his life by not daring to go and do something great and making mistakes, so that way his younger brother wouldn’t have to, since he learned from him.”

Manny Castellanos (twitter: @Manny_Castell)




“I love it because it really felt like for the first time, I was adequately represented on screen. I’m Black and gay as well, and most of the movie was events from my childhood. Chiron felt like a different version of me. Also, this film made me cry really hard LOL”

-Mike Mason (twitter: @WakandanMikey)

Side note: this is a reeeeally insanely good movie. I recommend you all watch this.



“Zootopia hit a lot of topics that can be difficult to discuss, but made it easily digestible for kids.”

-Sarah Laoyan (twitter: @mowohai)

Jungle Book



“My favorite movies from 2016 was The Jungle Book. The movie was visually stunning and pleasing. It was also a book that I read when I was younger, and watching it as a film did not let me down. It made me feel nostalgia and happiness. The plot, the characters, and the music soundtrack was mesmerizing. It deserves 5/5 stars.”

-Miranda Melendez (twitter: @MDezxx)

War Dogs



“OKAY. So my fave movie of 2016 was War Dogs, mainly because of the actors. I love Jonah Hill! He’s hilarious. Also, I didn’t really like Miles Teller before this movie. I just didn’t think he was that great, but this movie changed my mind. ALSO, it’s not a movie that I would typically be interested in. But yeah no, it’s one of my favorite movies.”

-Jackie Garcia (@Prrincessaa)

Civil War


“I’d have to say Civil War was the best movie of the year for me. They broke records with their box office opening weekend, we got to see new characters in the Marvel Universe unravel and come together/apart hehe. Saw it three times, didn’t even mind re-watching it. Marvel killed shit this year.”

-Miguel Banda (@MiguelBandaa)

X-Men: Apocalypse


“Mmmmmhm okay maybe X-Men: Apocalypse because even though it was long, I didn’t feel like it was dragging on, and the villains felt more original to me. And of course I love action and i love their fighting scenes. Plus I’ve always watched the X-Men movies, so I love seeing familiar characters. PLUS I love Olivia Munn!!!!!

-Bianca Rosas ( twitter: @Biancarosasv)

Let’s hope she doesn’t look at Geek Speak Vol.2, because we’ll be posting what people chose as their Least favorite film of 2016! We want to thank everyone who contributed, and we hope to get more answers from you guys in the future. This will become a regular segment, so stay tuned in the future. Until next time!



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