7 Actresses We’d Like to See Play Catwoman


It’s been a while, but we’re back with a new Fancast!

With the announcement of Warner Bros. developing a Harley Quinn-led all-female Gotham City Sirens film, there are a couple of roles that are going to need to be cast, specifically those of Poison Ivy and Catwoman. In the comics, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman are the main three Sirens, but obviously Harley Quinn is the only one we’ve seen in film yet. That being said, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to make a list of 7actresses who we think could play Catwoman. Keep in mind, this is in no specific order, just who we think would do well in the role!

Thandie Newton


First on the list we have Thandie Newton, who has been in a few popular movies, and some TV shows as well. Mission: Impossible II, The Pursuit of Happyness, and 2012 are just some of the films she’s been in, but as of lately she was in the popular HBO series, Westworld. At age 44, she’s doing pretty well for herself, but she’s yet to have a role that really solidifies her place as an A-lister in Hollywood. Playing Catwoman could change that. Newton has that raw sex appeal, and she’s capable of holding her own in roles that involve action. These two things would be needed for the part.

Odette Annable

Unborn Movie - Odette Yustman

Next up we have Odette Annable, a 31 year old actress who started her career young. Some of you may remember her as Rosa in Kindergarten Cop, most may not. Regardless of that, Annable is an adult now, and she could use a role like that of playing Selina Kyle in the DCEU. We can’t really speak on her acting ability much because her roles haven’t showcased her talents that well, but if Warner Bros. is looking for an actress that’s less known to take up this role, Odette may be the right choice. An added plus, She’s half-Cuban, similar to Catwoman.

Natalie Dormer


Known for her roles in The Tudors, Game of Thrones, Elementary, and The Hunger Games, Natalie Dormer is one of the recognizable names we’ve mentioned on the list so far. At 34 years of age, Dormer has a pretty solid career under her belt. She’s starred in both TV shows and high profile blockbusters alike with ease. As well as that, she’s a talented actress who’s capable of delivering a range of emotions and techniques as the role requires them. The only issue is that she already has a pretty tight schedule ahead of her, so we aren’t sure she’d be able to make time for a role like this. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, though.

Side note: You have to admit she has a cat-like face. Can’t ask for more than that.

Olga Kurylenko


Ukrainian-born actress and model, Olga’s career really took off after starring as a Bond girl opposite of Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. She then went on to star in films such as Max Payne and Oblivion. Most of her film roles have required her to balance a certain level of sex appeal while also being able to kick some ass here and there. Selina Kyle/Catwoman has been shown as a character that likes to put up a wall and appear stone cold at all times, which Kurylenko has done in plenty of movies. She’s at the perfect point in her career to take on a part like this. We hope Warner Bros. has an eye on her, because we sure do.

Mila Kunis


A slightly strange choice, but one we felt needed to be included to this list. Everyone pretty much knows who Mila Kunis is at this point. The 33-year old Ukrainian actress known mostly for her role as Jackie in That 70’s Show, but also for her roles in Black Swan, and Ted. Kunis has been apart of more than enough comedies, so how about a shot at Catwoman? If you’ve seen Max Payne, you’d know she’s capable of handling a little action. What’s more, she’s got that seductive look, and she’s just around the right age that Catwoman should be in the DCEU. The only issue is, she’s pretty much focusing on building her family with Ashton Kutcher. That’s actually not a real issue, but she can’t exactly be kicking butt alongside Harley Quinn if she has another baby on the way.

Danay Garcia


Danay Garcia might just be the best choice to play Selina Kyle on our list. First, she’s a Cuban actress (which is what Warner Bros. should be looking for if they want to cast someone who shares Catwoman’s background). Second, she’s been in plenty of small screen roles. You might have seen her in Prison Break, Supernatural, and most recently, Fear The Walking Dead. While definitely doing well in each one of those roles, Danay hasn’t had a real shot in a big-time Hollywood blockbuster for whatever reason. At 32, she’s still at a good age to continue playing the role for a few years, if they plan to make Catwoman a household name. We think she’d be a great candidate for Warner Bros. to keep their eye on.

Priyanka Chopra


Finally, we’re ending our list off with Priyanka Chopra. If you look at her resume, Chopra has a lot under her belt. As well as being an extremely popular Indian actress, she is a talented singer, a producer of film, a philanthropist, and to top it off, she won the Miss World 2000 Pageant. Did we forget anything?

She just recently began to star in American cinema, most notably her leading role as Alex Parish in Quantico. She’s more than capable of handling the physical demands that would come with the role, and from her previous works, it looks like she would be able to bring Selina’s character to life with ease. Of course Chopra is born of Indian descent, which is a stretch from Catwoman’s origin, but this would be an interesting route for Warner Bros. to take. She’s not against starring in big budget films, seeing as how she has a role in next year’s Baywatch. We’re not sure if she would be up for taking the role on, but we can only dream of her addition to the DCEU.

And that’s our list! Obviously not everyone can be picked, we’re just hoping at least one of them gets a shot. Did we forget one of your favorites? If so, let us know who you’d want to see cast as Catwoman in the comment section below!  Thanks for reading, and keep a lookout, we might be doing a cast for Poison Ivy next weekend.

Gotham City Sirens has yet to receive an official release date, but as soon as it does we’ll let you guys know.



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