Mike Colter On Which Avenger He’d Want To Work With; Chances of Crossing Over


Luke Cage made it’s way to Netflix a couple of months ago, and fans were very pleased with what they saw in the show. It brought a new type of energy to the MCU with the introduction of the Harlem hero, and a lot of people felt that energy is needed in the film side of the MCU. Everyone wants to see Power Man in an Avenger’s film, but after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the dynamic is a bit shifted, so we have to wonder who Luke Cage would be hanging out with in an MCU film.

Luckily, the Luke Cage actor gave a statement at  Stan Lee’s Comic Con about which Avengers he’d want to kick it with:

“That’s a good question,” Colter said. “I mean, I think everyone wants to work with Cap – [Captain America] or Iron Man, right? They have some really cool, expensive toys, you know. I’m hanging around in Harlem walking around. It’d be nice to get one of those little flying craft things. That’d be pretty cool. I can see Luke Cage getting into one of those things and buckling up. Who wouldn’t want to fly around with Cap and those guys in that big – whatever that thing is that they’re flying around in.”

This does all sound cool, and while it’s been seen in comics, it wouldn’t be so easily to translate over to a live-action film:

“What we do is really unique…We’re adult kind of oriented. We’re not PG-13,” Colter explained. “We’re not really for the mass audiences, crowd pleasing, family oriented. We have sex scenes. We have, you know, adult situations, and while I think it’d be nice to be in the films, I don’t know if we want to dilute what we’re doing that makes us very unique.”


So while we want to see Luke and Cap teaming up to take down the dangers of the world, it may never happen. Still, we can dream, can we?

If all else fails, we still have The Defenders heading to Netflix soon, so we’ll still get to see Luke Cage team up with some heroes.

Luke Cage Season 1 is now available for streaming on Netflix.

The Defenders is scheduled to arrive on Netflix sometime in 2017.


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