The Walking Dead Creator on why [SPOILER] Had To Die


[Major Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Ahead]

The internet was pretty shaken up earlier this year when the sixth season of the zombie survival hit The Walking Dead aired on AMC. It ended with a major cliffhanger, that ushered in both the first appearance of Negan, the sadistic and cold-blooded leader of The Saviors (played by Jeffery Dean Morgan), and the last appearance of a member of Rick’s camp. It was finally revealed last week that Negan’s first victim was Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in the season 7 premiere. He was meant to be the only one, but unfortunately Daryl lost his cool and punched Negan, which lead to him kill a second member of Rick’s group. Sadly, that member happened to be Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun), and that led to a lot of fans being furious with Robert Kirkman, the creator of the series.

Glenn’s death had been teased multiple times, so people thought he’d finally be off the hook for good. Sadly, Kirkman had different plans for Glenn in the end, and he explained his reasoning in an interview with EW:

“It’s just that there’s a lot of material that comes from Glenn’s death in the comics. And while we do try to change things up to keep things interesting for the audience, and for me, this is one that there’s so much that comes from Rick, there’s so much with Negan, because that character is someone that he killed, and definitely Maggie is someone that kind of gets put on the trajectory that affects a great number of stories and a great number of characters moving forward. So it was kind of essential that that part of the scene at least remained intact, unfortunately.”


It makes sense honestly. Glenn’s death in the comics affects a lot of big events to come in the future, and if he continues to stay on the same path, the outcome will be worth it. Still,  Glenn has been around since the show first began, and it’s going to be different watching the show without him around. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episode, but we’re looking forward to this season.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC every Sunday @ 7pm EST.


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