Benedict Cumberbatch On Doctor Strange Being an Future Avenger


With a little over a week left until the official release of Doctor Strange, people are excited to see the next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the first look at Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme on the big screen.

Now, as an obvious plus of being part of a shared universe is that as fans, we get the benefit of seeing characters from Marvel films appear in other Marvel films. We know Doctor Strange takes place after the events of Civil War, so we doubt we’ll be seeing Steve Rogers appear at any point in this film, but what about in the future? Are we going to see Doctor Strange in an Avengers film?  Well, Strange himself says so.

While in London at for the UK Release of Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch gave this response when asked if we could look forward to seeing Doctor Strange in a future Avengers’ film:

“There’s so much going on in this film [Doctor Strange]. There’s such a great story arc, there are so many great challenges for me, as an actor, in every department, from wirework to kung fu to great dialogue scenes with the most incredible cast and great characters. [I] put it on the back-burner that I was playing a superhero… At the premiere, which was the first time I’d seen the film, and – I won’t spoil it for you – but there’s a moment near the end where I thought, ‘Oh yeah, that’s it, he’s a superhero, he’s going to be an Avenger,’ so that’s really cool.”


We pretty much knew we could expect the Sorcerer Supreme to show up in a future Avenger’s film, but it’s cool to get confirmation from Stephen Strange himself. It’s likely he’ll be present for Infinity War, but nothing’s set in stone, so we’ll have to keep a lookout in the future.

Doctor Strange is scheduled to release on November 4th, 2016.


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