Deadpool 2 Loses Tim Miller as Director


It’s definitely not uncommon for actors and film directors to disagree on a certain direction that movie should go in, but it’s always a big lose when either the actor or the film’s director completely drops the project because of that. Unfortunately, this very thing happened with the amazing star and director of this years Deadpool.

Multiple reports have revealed that Tim Miller has dropped out of directing the sequel to Deadpool, due to creative differences with the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds. For a short time, it was unknown what those “creative differences” were, but it’s now been revealed that Reynolds disagreed with Miller’s casting choice for Cable, which was Kyle Chandler. Chandler was actually rumored to be playing cable for a while, but obviously that’s been shut down.


This is a pretty big blow to the sequel, because the first film was such a success due to Reynolds and Miller’s collaboration on the project. But even after the falling out, Tim Miller is apparently still on good terms with Fox, which is good to hear.

Obviously though, the search to find a new director to helm Deadpool 2 is on, and we’re assuming he’s going to have to be okay with whoever Reynolds selects as Cable. We’ll let you guys know how things pan out with the movie in the future.

Deadpool 2 is currently still in development and has no release date.


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