One Year Appreciation Post


WOW. Approximately one year ago, this website was created. It feels like it’s been way longer than that, but still, here we are one year later. This isn’t going to be long, but we just want to say thank you to everyone who’s kept up with our post and read all of our original content over the past year, it means a lot because im not sure if some of you know, but i am just one person running the site as a whole. It’s not easy with school, work, and then my personal life as well, but i try and pump out as many articles as i can.

My goal here has been to create a website that comic book fans can rely on to find interesting and fun things to read about some of their favorite films, shows, comics, and even anime. I feel like I haven’t really gotten close to that yet. It’s been a year, but the site hasn’t grown the way i had hoped it would, nor have there been as many supporters as i wished for, and im not going to lie, that gets discouraging some times. I even wanted to stop writing altogether before! But i realized not everything comes easy, and so this upcoming year i’m going to try and make the website better, more fun, and more interactive for all you geeks out there. We might even get a slight name change! Who knows.

Also – and this is the biggest thing – i’ll be actively trying to recruit writers now! There are so many people who love to talk about the stuff we talk about on our website, and we’re not going to lie, the help would be appreciated, but mostly we want our reach to spread and we want more people to enjoy reading the content. So i’m hoping by year 2, we’ll have an even bigger following and more people who love to check out the website. Look out for our next post if you’d be interested in helping our website grow. It doesn’t even have to be with writing, anything helps!

Again, thanks to the 100+ of you who have been keeping up with Superhero Task Force, and we hope more of you join us in the future. Be seeing you!


-Okon Essien


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