Suicide Squad To Receive Extended Cut


Okay, let’s be real. DC and Warner Bros. are three films into their shared universe, and they aren’t doing too hot. Well actually, that’s not entirely true. Financially they’re doing great, but critically? People haven’t really been eating what they’re dishing out. Man of Steel was received pretty well by everyone, then Batman V Superman was announced and you’d think that would be the superhero film of all superhero films. However it got very mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. And most recently, Suicide Squad suffered the same fate. It did good numbers in the box office, but it didn’t sit well with moviegoers.

When Warner Bros. had this issue with BvS, they remedied it by releasing an extended cut (or “Ultimate Cut,” if you will), that included 30 extra minutes of footage, and that version of the film actually sat better with everyone, due to a properly fleshed out story. So now it only makes sense that they’re planning the same thing with Suicide Squad.

We don’t really know any specifics about the edited version, other than this cut is expected to be an additional 13 minutes. What’s funny is that when the film was initially released, people asked if there would be a director’s cut released on DVD and Blu-Ray, and David Ayer, the film’s director, said the version in theaters is the directors cut. And now, we’re getting more footage. Interesting.


The only question that remains is what are we going to see in that extra 13 minutes? There were scenes in trailers that never made the cut, some including the joker (one specifically connected to that image above), and some from other characters too. Are we going to see some slipknot backstory? More Harley Quinn / Joker action? Maybe a bit more Amanda Waller? We don’t know, but we’re hoping it helps the story the same way the extra footage did for Batman V Superman.

Suicide Squad will be available for Digital HD Download on November 15th, and you can pick up your Blu-Ray or DVD copy on December 13th.


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