Iron First Air Date Revealed; First Look Image Released

Marvel’s Luke Cage hit Netflix a little under a week ago, and as expected, it’s pretty darn good. Netflix and Marvel have yet to produce a series that isn’t met with almost nothing but positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and we’re hoping that trend continues with the next show under their belt, Iron Fist.

Of course, fans have known this show was coming for a while, but we’ve just been patiently awaiting a release date. Well, wait no longer friends, Netflix released a short clip that shows the series with debut on March 17th, 2017. A little under 5 months away, that’s not too long to wait for a new series if you really think about it. We’re just excited to see what they bring in terms of action and similarities to the source material.

As well as the clip, we’ve been given an image that give us our first look at Finn Jones as Danny Rand in what looks like the middle of a fight. Of course, we have yet to see his iconic Iron Fist suit in any teasers, but this is still cool nonetheless. Take a look at the image below:


If you look closely, there’s a lot of bodies on the ground behind him. Unsure if he caused that damage or if it was the other guy, but wow. Someone know’s what their doing.

Alright guys that’s all the Iron Fist news we have for you at the moment, let us know what you think in the comment section below, and thanks for reading!

Iron Fist is set to release on Netflix on March 17th, 2017.



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