7 Female Comic Book Characters We Want On The Big Screen



As Beyoncé once said, “Who run the world? Girls.”

Usually when you think of a superhero you’d look up to, Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man come mind. It makes sense honestly. Most comic book films have had mostly male superhero teams with just a couple of relevant female superheroes in them. Filmmakers have been trying to change that lately though, what with Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel headlining their own superhero films in a few short years. That’s cool for sure, but it’s still not enough compared to how many male heroes are still getting their films made lately. That’s why we decided to pick a few super ladies from the pages of comic books to give you our list of 7 female comic book characters we want to see on the big screen.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)batgirl1.jpg

Of course, there’s been multiple Batgirl’s before, but we’re talking about the most prevalent one. Barbara Gordon, daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon trained and eventually became one of Batman’s students. Until she got shot and paralyzed by The Joker, which led to her taking up the mantle of Oracle, in which she worked with Batman as his tech aid and his eye in the sky. And in recent comics, she’s retaken the mantle of Batgirl.

DC’s Film Universe seems to still be working out a lot of kinks, but considering how it’s already been confirmed that Batman has had a Robin at one point, there’s nothing that says a Batgirl can’t exist in this universe as well.

Black Cat


Black Cat is basically Marvel’s answer to Catwoman. I mean she’s to Spider-Man as Catwoman is to Batman. She was introduced in the late 70’s in The Amazing Spider-Man as a cat burglar who was very skilled in acrobatics, martial arts, manipulation, and a whole lot more.

The funny thing is, her character has actually been in a film before. If you remember, Felicity Jones portrayed her civilian counterpart, Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Obviously though, those films are kinda dead so we never got to see her actually become Black Cat. But now we’ve got a chance since Spidey is getting many more films in the future.



Originally from the fictional planet Tamaran in the Vegan system, Koriand’r (or Starfire), fled to the Planet Earth after a long and complicated history with her sister. Sibling Rivalry. You know how it is.

Her powers are based off of her ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation, and that grants her superhuman strength, speed, durability, flight, and she can also shoot energy blast from her hands. What’s most impressive though, is the fact that she can learn a new language just by coming into contact with the individual she’s trying to communicate with. Pretty cool if you ask me. Of course, it’d probably be necessary to introduce the rest of the Teen Titans before we see Starfire be brought to live action, so her introduction is probably worlds away. Pun not intended.



It doesn’t take magic to know that Zatanna deserves an appearance in the DCEU.

Like her father Giovanni John Zatara, Zatanna Zatara -try saying that 5 times really fast- was both a real magician, and a stage one. she put on an performance for people who came to see her shows, but when trouble came her way, she whipped out her arsenal of spells, curses and manipulation to get the job done.

She’s had ties with the Justice League, but she’s more known to be a member of Justice League Dark, which is actually a group of individuals who practice the occult. For the greater good, of course. It’s known that Justice League Dark is receiving an animated film very soon and Zatanna will be featured in it, but there’s been rumors of a live-action adaptation featuring some of the team’s members, so we’re hopeful that she’s present there as well. Also, she’s immortal so she could be around in the DECU forever. Literally.

Wolverine (X-23)


Laura Kinney was basically a government experiment. She was cloned from a piece of Wolverine’s damaged DNA and trained pretty much all of her life to be a killer assassin. However, many years and storylines later, she ends up being a good guy and taking up the mantle of Wolverine.

It’s actually already been rumored that her character could take up the mantle following Wolverine 3, since it’s Hugh Jackman’s last time in the role. There was even a casting call for the film that included a character description very similar to her characters in the comics. Regardless, her character arc in the comics is interesting enough, and we’d love to see the Wolverine legacy live on.



Gwenpool is actually a rare case. Gwendolyn “Gwen” Poole is a human whole “arrived in the comic book world from what she says is “the real world,” and since she didn’t want to be just another “extra” she went to get a unique super suit made, but the tailor screwed up her name, thinking she went by Gwenpool, and gave her a suit that resembles Deadpool. Super weird backstory.

Her character is fairly new to comics, having only been introduced properly this year, so there’s barely anything to go on in terms of her story, but we can only imagine her being in a Fox-owned standalone film, and maybe if she crosses over with Deadpool in the comics at some point, we could see that happening in the films. Her character is just so fresh and interesting to read, we’d really like to see it adapted on the big screen. Mostly because it’d be hilarious.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)


Introduced in 2013, Kamala Khan was exposed to some terrigen mist that was released in New Jersey, and once her terrigenesis was completed, she emerged with Inhuman abilities that granted her that granted her the power of shape shifting and a healing factor when she reverted to her original form. Following that, she took on the name Ms.Marvel, which previously belonged to her idol, Carol Danvers.

What’s very important about her character is what she represents in today’s world. She is the first muslin character to ever headline their own comic book, and if you really think about it, something like that wouldn’t be possible ten years ago. Also, her character was created to inspire and also represent today’s youth, which is why her creator, Sana Amanat, stated that her character was to look “less like a sex siren” so readers would actually relate with her in more ways than one. Of course, girls are looking up to Wonder Woman and Black Widow when they see them in Superhero movies, but imagine how dope it’d be to be able to relate to a superheroine that’s actually the same age as you?

Honorable Mention:

Big Barda




And that’s our list of comic book ladies that we think should appear in some movies in the near future!It’s not likely that we’ll get even half of these, but at least one would be nice. Is there anyone female comic book characters you guys want to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comment section below!