One Punch Man Confirmed For Second Season


Great news for fans of anime! One Punch Man, the popular viral comic-turned-popular action-comedy anime has just been announced for a second season.

The news came from a twitter page (which posted the news in Japanese, so we apologize in advance if our translation is off:

“Today 9 / 25 held in one Pan fall Festival TV animation “wampanman” No. 2 stage productions have been announced. Further information on official website & Twitter publicizes. Look forward to!


For anyone who is unaware of what this show is about, it follows the story of a Superhero named Saitama who lives in a world filled with constant disaster and danger. Luckily for the people of the world, Saitama trained so hard that he became powerful enough to slay any enemy with one punch. The first season of the show was met with many positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and everyone has been dying for a second season, so now that it’s been officially announced, we can all breathe easily. Now to just wait for an official release date.


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