8 Of Our Favorite Batsuits


Batman. The Dark Knight. Son of Gotham. The man of many names, many talents, and also many suits. From the comics to the big screen and even more, The Caped Crusader has been around for decades and his suits have improved as the years have gone on. There’s been hundreds, some of them good, some bad (bat-nipples…that’s all we’re saying). We don’t have time to list off all of our favorites, but since today is Batman Day, we thought we’d share Our 9 Favorite Batsuits.

Power Ring Suit


We know Batman didn’t make this suit, but it’s definitely one of the most badass ones he’s had. The power ring (the same thing that powers Green Lantern) granted Batman powers he couldn’t achieve on his own, like flight and the ability to conjure constructs.

He’s worn the Black ring, the green one, the yellow one, and of course the white one. Each ring changes the design of his suit in a different way, and of course each ring changes his personality in a different way as well. It’s rare when we see him don one of these, but it’s always a treat when we do.

Batman Beyond Suit


This one actually got introduced in it’s own show. The Batman Beyond suit was a futuristic piece of equipment that Bruce Wayne made himself. What’s interesting is that when he made it, it was 20 years ahead of it’s time. However when it was used in it’s TV show, Batman Beyond, Terry McGinnis, the new Batman under Bruce Wayne’s Tutelage, wore the suit.

It was capable of enhancing the user’s speed, strength and more. It also had wings and magnetic boots, allowing the suit’s wielder to fly and also stick to things magnetically.  We have to say, the color scheme and sleek design make’s it look somewhat like a vampire. But still, it’s extremely advanced and we love it.

Thrasher Suit


This is one of the heavy hitters on our list. The Thrasher suit was designed to withstand extreme conditions. It’s capable of withstanding extreme heat and absolute zero. It’s made up of some meta-aramid fibers of batman own design (fancy word for Kevlar). On top of that, It grants Bats super strength and endurance.

A few special features the suit has are it’s electric shock and cryogenic batarang capabilities. On top of that, it’s powerful enough to shoot off it’s own EMP. It hasn’t been used much, but we love the design and the abilities it houses.

Haz-Bat Suit


Yes, the name is amazing, we know.

The Haz-Bat suit (apparently named by Nightwing) is the suit worn by Batman when he has to deal with something hazardous and maybe even life-threatening. He is only human, after all. It’s a very lightweight design, but still strong enough to take a blast from Superman. This one has a built in medical scanner as well. Obviously though, it’s main capabilities lie in it’s ability to protect Batman from any harmful gasses and things of that nature. Who are we kidding though, this suit made the list mostly because of it’s name alone.

Hush Batsuit (Jim Lee’s Batman)


When someone talks about Batman, this is probably the costume that first comes to mind for most people, because it’s the simple yet classic Batsuit.

From the Hush storyline, Jim Lee was the artist who brought this suit to the pages, and it’s very nice. It has that iconic color scheme, the navy blue, grey, and black. Of course, there’s no yellow circle around the Bat symbol, but i think we can all do without that. It has the basic capabilities of all Batsuit, but it looks great in the comics, so we had to put it on the list for that reason.

Stealth Suit


This one is pretty self explanatory. When Batman puts this bad boy on, consider him a ghost.

Yeah, stealth suits have been made in the past, but this one takes the idea to another level. What’s unique about it is that whether you see him or hear him, the suit will recognize that action and adjust itself accordingly. Not even Superman would be able to find him. How sick is that? And further more, it keeps all the capabilities of the other suits, and still provides some enhanced strength and speed. This one would be great for anyone who wants to skip class and not get caught. We’re not telling you to do that though, obviously.

Batman V Superman Batsuit


We all know Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice had quite a few flaws as a movie, but Ben Affleck’s Batman -Batffleck, if you will – was not one of them. Besides the fact that he portrayed Bruce Wayne and Batman pretty accurately, his suit was very nice to look at. That sounded weird but hear us out.

Most of us know the suit was very much inspired off of the Batsuit from Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, but seeing it be brought to life was very nice. It was made of what looked like a very tough fabric (probably Kevlar-based), as opposed to The batsuits from The Dark Knight trilogy, which were sleek and armoredWhat’s also noticeable is that you can tell the suit has seen some action because of the small stitching in certain sections of it. The cowl also appears to be bullet proof, so that was an added plus. Obviously that didn’t matter much when fighting Doomsday, but this was still a great suit. Hats off to Batffleck.


Hellbat Suit


Lastly, we have the Hellbat suit. This one was actually co-designed by members of the Justice League, and it helps Batman fight enemies that would even give Superman a run for his money. Yes, that means he could actually hold a candle to Darkseid in this thing.

This one has a ton of capabilities, but the ones that stand out are the fact that the cape can basically liquefy and reform into wings, a shield, and even weapons. On top of that, the Bat symbol on his chest can shoot a massive beam of energy from it when charged enough. It also grants him invisibility via the built in cloaking device.

This suit is amazing, but it has one downside: it draws from the users metabolism, meaning the more Batman uses it, the sooner he dies. Kind of a bummer, but nothing in life comes easy, i guess.

And that’s the list guys! Batman has had a ton of great suits over the years and we know there’s tons more that we’re going to see in the future, but for now, these are the ones that really take the cake for us. We want to know what everyone else’s favorite Batman suit is, so sound off in the comment section below!. Thanks for reading guys. Check out our twitter page, and enjoy the rest of your Batman Day.


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