Stan Lee Action Adventure Film In The Works


Something that pretty much every human being in existence ever can agree on is that Stan Lee is one of the most important people of this century. Not only did he create a myriad of characters that fans across the world adore and look up to, but he’s also been present in many of their films in multiple gratuitous cameos (some video games and shows). But it doesn’t stop there: it looks like Stan is finally getting his own movie.

We know, it’s crazy to imagine this is happening, but according to THR, this is for real. Twentieth Century has bough Lee’s life rights (yes, that sounds bad but just wait), which is what studios do when they plan to produce a biopic or a something similar for a high-status individual. However, and this actually makes sense, Fox is making Stan’s story into a less than traditional action biopic that will be similar to  Kingsman: The Secret Service or the Roger Moore 007 films in tone.


It sounds like this one is going to be a real treat. Sadly, there’s no major details on this project yet, seeing as how it was more of a pitched idea than a project in post production. Nevertheless, we’re stoked for this, and we can’t wait to see Stan The Man get his own film. But we have to wonder, who’s going to cameo in this since it’s Stan Lee’s movie? We’ll have to see what the future holds.

The Stan Lee Biopic (official title TBA) has no current release date.




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