7 DC Rebirth Series You Should Check Out


[Slight Spoilers For DC Rebirth ahead]

Okay, let’s be real here, Marvel is killing it with just about all of their films. DC? Sadly, not so much. That’s not to say that their films aren’t bringing in big bucks (because they are), but in the eyes of fans, their movies have been filled with problems here and there. Luckily though, the roles are reversed in a different medium. DC Comics released a soft “reboot” to their universe in May called Rebirth, and ever since they did, their sales have been skyrocketing, and they’ve been leaving Marvel in the dust.

But as fans, we don’t care about the sales. We care about content, and of course the comics are full of a lot of that too. Not all of them are that great, but there’s a handful that really stand out to us, and we wanted to share them with y’all. So without anymore delay, here are 7 DC Rebirth Series We Think You Should Check Out!

Batman (2016)


Of course we had to start things off with The Dark Knight. This new run of Batman is written by Tom King and penned/ inked by both Matt Banning and David Finch, and it’s just a good time so far. It’s currently 6 issues in (like most of the Rebirth titles), so there’s not much to speak on in terms of how long the series has gone on, but given how well it’s been received, we don’t expect it to stop being made anytime soon. Check out the next issue on September 21st!

Titans (2016)


Not to be confused with Teen Titans, Titans is the reintroduction to the adult team of sidekicks-turned-heroes in their prime. There’s a mystery that the team is trying to solve regarding a specific team member (it’s well-known by now, but some of you may not know so we won’t spoil it). Of course a villain arises and is trying to stop them dead in their tracks.

This one is great because even though there’s only two issues out right now, it really draws you in and keeps you wanting more. Plus the artwork is really great (hats off to Brett Booth). If you’re a teenager approaching adulthood, this one would be a good read for you. The next issue is out on the 28th of this month so make sure to pick it up!

Nightwing (2016)


Dick Grayson was the original Boy Wonder. The first Robin. Then he became Nightwing. Then Batman. Then a spy…then he “died.” But now he’s back as Nightwing, ready to get his life back together. But he wants to do things differently. That means no help from Batman. This one is written by Tim Steely and Javier Fernandez is the artist.

I’m not going to lie, this started off slow for me. But after the first two issues, Nightwing gets a new partner, and things get interesting. It’s something of a spy tale at the moment, but it’s first arc is just closing up by the next issue, so we’re expecting it to pick up even more than it already is. We just hope Nightwing keeps up the momentum it currently has.

This may not interest all of you, but the next issue is out on the 21st, so give it a shot and see what happens!

Justice League (2016)


Eight members instead of seven? A new, not dead Superman? Two Green Lanterns on one team? What’s not to love here?

Brian Hitch is the writer behind this one, and it’s not half bad. Once again, Earth is being threatened by something that none of these guys can handle by themselves, so they have to team up and become the Justice League once more. There’s a bit of tension over the new Superman, and the two new Lanterns are still rookies, so this team has some work to do.

We really enjoy this one. It’s not rushing into any major events just yet, so we can kind of breath after the New 52’s Darkseid War for a bit (if you haven’t read that incredible event, please do yourself a favor and do that). The first arc ends in the next issue, so catch up to it so you won’t miss any action!

Harley Quinn (2016)


Currently three issues in, Harley Quinn is a real treat to read. If you’ve ever read any Deadpool stories, you might really appreciate this one for similar but still different content. It’s very immature, pretty comedic, and has some sexual innuendos here and there. Obviously it’s not for kids, but it’s an enjoyable experience for sure.

Since Suicide Squad was released in theaters, Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character brought some interest back into Harley Quinn. Not that people forgot about her, it just made people want more of her, and this is it. All of the familiar mannerisms, all the quippy comebacks, and some cameos from other characters, we’d recommend you guys go pick the next issue of Harley Quinn up next week on the 21st.

Green Lanterns


I’m a bit biased towards this one because Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) is my second favorite Superhero, no shame. However it’s still a great story so far. In the series, Hal Jordan is basically no longer involved with Earth, other than to train the two new Green Lanterns of Earth: Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Green Lantern series unless Geoff Johns was returning to write the “Rebirth” aspect of it, but then Sam Humphries took over.

One of the best things about this series is the diversity of the two Lanterns. With Simon Baz, we have a Lebanese-American hot-head who loves to shoot first, ask questions later (seriously, he’s a Green Lantern, but he carries a gun). On the other side, we have Jessica Cruz, a Latin-American female Lantern whose Anxiety is through the roof following a traumatic event from her past. Not the most stable choices for Lanterns, but so far they’ve gotten the job done. Plus it’s entertaining as hell to see them clash heads. Issue #6 is out this Wednesday on the 14th, go pick it up!

Red Hood and The Outlaws (2016)


The Irony of this one is that besides the Rebirth issue, this series only has one issue out right now, but surprisingly it’s probably our favorite.

It follows the story of Jason Todd, the second person to take on the mantle of Robin, who now goes by Red Hood, and is an anti-hero of sorts. He’s all for seeking justice, but he’s not afraid to cheat and screw you over on the way there. Besides Batman, you haven’t really seen anyone that recognizable in this series, but Red Hood still manages to make this an entertaining story for us. He’s sarcastic, often unworried, and pretty lonesome. Those traits usually make for a good anti-hero. But for those who’ve actually read the first issue, you’d know by the ending he won’t be lonely for much longer. We’re stoked to see what happened in the second issue on the 14th. Hats off to Scott Lobdell, he’s doing a great job writing this gem.

And that’s the seven Rebirth titles that we’re enjoying the most. There are plenty more comics out there, and there’s still more titles to be released soon, so we may make a part 2 to this list in the near future. Tell us what you think in the comment section below!


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