Ryan Potter Wants to Play Tim Drake Robin in DCEU

These days it looks like everyone wants to play a superhero in a movie, and who could blame them? They’re great, and it looks like Ryan Potter seems to agree with us.

You may not recognize the name, but his voice might be familiar to a younger audience. He was the voice of the Hiro Hamada in the Disney Superhero-esque animated film, Big Hero 6. Of course, besides being the lead in the Nickelodeon series Supah Ninjas, Potter hasn’t really had that big break that’s put him on the map yet, but he could if Ben Affleck takes his “audition” for the role of Tim Drake seriously.

The actor stared in a very short but very well choreographed fight scene, showcasing his martial art skills, and at the end of the video he says “Hey Ben, like Tim Said, ‘Batman needs a Robin.'”


We don’t disagree that Batman definitely needs a Robin, but anyone that really knows Tim Drake knows he’s more than just a skilled fighter. He’s also an incredibly skilled detective. Hell, he deduced Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson we’re Batman & Robin after simply seeing Robin perform an acrobatic move that he’d previously seen Grayson do while performing with the Flying Graysons. And that was all at age nine. I can barely keep up with my wallet and im twice his age. Shameful, i know.

Regardless of all that, we’d love to see if Potter could pull it off. He seems talented enough, so it’s Batffleck’s move now.



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