New Warriors TV Show In Development Featuring Squirrel Girl


Over the years, we’ve all been introduced to some really weird characters by comic book companies. However even though they’re strange, that doesn’t mean they lack ability or usefulness. A great example of this is the Marvel Comics character Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl. Despite her less-than-normal name and appearance, Squirrel Girl possesses super speed and strength, and her ability to communicate with Squirrels is a pretty useful skill and has gotten her out of sticky situations on multiple occasions. Her character has been featured in multiple mediums (both comics and on a cartoon). Now it looks like we may be seeing her on the small screen, and she won’t be alone.

Squirrel Girl is going to be introduced in a television series alongside some other young Superheroes known as the New Warriors in what TVLine  describes as “the junior version of The Avengers, the New Warriors are a superhero squad made up of teenagers”


Now from what we know, the New Warriors’ lineup is always changing (as most teams are in comics), so we’re unsure of which characters they plan to use for this series. It’s pretty clear that Squirrel Girl has a spot on this team regardless of the other characters though.

The only other question is who’s going to play her? There’s been a lot of fan casting for her character recently, and people really want to see Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) in the role, but many others want to see Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser (aka Barb) take the role. It’s unlikely for the latter though, seeing as how she was just cast in the Archie reboot series, Riverdale. Regardless of who they pick, this will be an interesting project for Marvel to take on, and we just want to see what direction they go with this team of teenage heroes.

New Warriors (Official title TBA) has yet to receive a release date.


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