Indiana Jones Comics Teased By Marvel Editor


We all know by now that Disney acquired the rights to Lucasfilm’s property, meaning they own Indiana Jones and Star Wars. Marvel is partners with Disney, and they’ve been working on Star Wars comics since their partnership really took off, and now it looks as if they have the other major Lucasfilm property in their sights.

Heather Anots is an editor for Marvel Comics who is currently the assistant editor on the Marvel and Lucasfilm Star Wars comic, and she recently took to Instagram to post this picture along with the caption below:


Homework?” Does this mean she’s doing research for another Marvel/Lucasfilm crossover comic? We definitely hope so. The Star Wars comics we’ve read for them so far have been pretty great, and Indiana Jones could surely do just as well with the same people behind it. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes out of this post.



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