5 Actors We Believe Could Play Black Manta


In Batman v Superman, we were very briefly (and somewhat poorly) introduced to Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. Even so, we’re now ready to see the first live-action adaptation of the king of the season seas take on some fearsome enemies. The current enemy that’s been announced as Aquaman’s first foe is his arch-nemesis, Black manta, a fellow sea dweller who in the comics has a grudge to bear against Aquaman. This character is shown to be a dark, calculating, heartless and vile individual, and from what we know, Warner Bros. has yet to find the right actor to bring his character to life, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of 5 Actors we believe could play Black Manta.

Billy Brown


First up we have Billy Brown. At age 45, Brown is a pretty successful actor. Having been in shows such as Sons of Anarchy and How to Get Away With Murder, and having smaller roles in films like Star Trek. We know Marks can play the cool and collected villain whose not afraid to get his hands dirty at times if the job requires it. His role in Sons of Anarchy is sheer proof of that. He certainly fits the physical requirements for the role. He’s pretty fit and stands at 6’2″,  same as Black Manta. This would be a different kind of beast for him though. We haven’t seen him take on a role that requires as much physical activity as playing Black Manta will, but since he’s already in pretty good shape, it wouldn’t be too hard for him.

Aldis Hodge

Leverage_310_12_Aldis Hodge_Ph Erik Heinila_19556_010_0759_R

Aldis Hodge is probably one of the lesser known names on our list. He’s had supporting roles in many TV shows ( Leverage, The Walking Dead, CSI: Miami), and just recently he played MC Ren in Straight Outta Compton. If Warner Bros. was planning to take an actor who isn’t extremely well known and get him to sign for multiple film, Hodge would be the way to go here. Also, he’s going to appear in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back alongside Tom Cruise, so he may be on his way to stardom soon. Hodge stands at 6’2″, and is only 29. That’s six years younger than Jason Momoa, who’s playing Aquaman. He seems to be in shape for such a role though, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for him.

Lance Gross


Here’s an actor who’s actually been wanting a role in a Superhero film for quite some time. Lance Gross was actually one of the contenders to play Luke Cage before Mike Colter beat him to the punch. On top of that, he posted a Green Lantern teaser on his Instagram, so we’re guessing he wanted that role as well. But since nothing is set in stone, why not get him for Black Manta? He’s 6’0″, so he’s almost the same height. He’s been in films that share some of the mannerisms of Manta, so he fits the mold, and he’s in shape. Maybe he’ll add this to his list of films to campaign for in the future.

Michael Kenneth Williams

Michael K Williams at Sundance

Williams is actually the only one on our list who is actively campaigning to play Black Manta. He’s also rumored for the role, which leads things in his favor. He;s the oldest on this list, and his work resume is probably the biggest. He’s been in more than 80 different roles since ’96, and he’s looking to get another under his belt. He fits the bill as the villain perfectly, so it’s surprising that Warner Bros. actually haven’t gone after him already. Regardless of that, he has the look, the persona, and the determination, so why not him?

Michael Jai White


Yeah, this dude is ripped. Michael Jai White is probably the most well known name on our list. He’s been in multiple films and TV shows, some of those being comic book or video game related (Arrow, Mortal Kombat: Legacy). And there’s also the fact that he’s the first Black Male to star as a comic book character in a major motion picture ( Al Simmons in Spawn). It was a terrible movie, but that’s besides the point. White has talent, and that’s what matters. He’s more than capable of bringing Manta to life on the big screen, and more than that, he’s a martial artist, meaning he’s even more capable of performing his own stunts. At 48, he’s in great shape. He’s also 6’1″, so he’s just one inch under Manta. He seems very comfortable in roles derived from comic books, so this would be great for him if he was considered.

And that’s our list! This wasn’t in order from who we wanted least to most, it was random. If you like it or would change anyone, let us know in the comment section below!

Aquaman is scheduled to release on July 28th, 2018.


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