Bleach Live Action Movie Announced


Tite Kubo’s Bleach is a manga that was turned into a TV show in 2004, and ran up until 2012. The manga has been running since 2001, and now many fans are going to be missing another great piece of their childhood since it’s ending very soon. But here’s some news that will either make people really happy or really upset: Bleach is receiving a live-action adaptation.

That’s right, Ichigo Kurosaki is going to be on the big screen. Shonen Jump announced this news in their recent weekly issue, and revealed that Sota Fukushi (who’s been in a handful of popular Japanese films such as Library Wars and Strobe Edge) is starring in the film. Shinsuke Sato (Gantz) is set to direct the adaptation.


This film has actually been rumored for about 3 years, but it’s great to see its actually going to become a real thing. An added plus is that it’ll be a Japanese-made film. Meaning no whitewashing. Hopefully, anyway.

Bleach has been running for over a decade, and there’s been so many story arcs in the anime and manga, so there’s a boatload of directions for them to go in with this film. We just hope they don’t disappointed with this story when it makes the jump to the big screen.

Bleach (official title TBA) has yet to receive an official release date, but it’s said to be coming out sometime in 2018.


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