RUMOR PATROL: More Rogues to Appear in The Flash Season 3?


The Flash is usually pretty good at introducing new characters from the source material to the big screen, whether they be new allies or new foes. Now with season three of the series approaching quickly, we’ve been wondering who we’re going to see this time around, especially after the events that took place in the season finale. But we may not have to wonder much longer if these rumors are legit.

In a recent video by That Hashtag Show, they have provided some evidence, which appear to be character descriptions from the casting for new characters in The Flash Season 3. There are three characters, and based off of their descriptions and names, here’s who we believe each of them are:

Sam Scudder aka Mirror Master


“Male, 30s, open ethnicity. A master thief with supermodel looks and an ego the size of the Grand Canyon. Scudder is one of the most charming criminals you’ll ever meet. The only thing he loves more than money is himself. After his sudden, mysterious disappearance three years ago, Scudder has returned to Central City seeking fortune and revenge. Open to offer only / cameo ideas as well. RECURRING GUEST STAR.”

Rosalind Dillion aka The Top (Roscoe Dillion in the comics, but it looks like The Top may be female in the show)


“ROSALIND “ROSA” DILLON]Female, late 20s, open ethnicity. There’s crazy and then there’s crazy… and then there’s Rosa. A wild-eyed whirlwind of a woman, this vexing, unpredictable, mentally unstable criminal has a history of violence and a nasty habit of turning people’s worlds upside down. Open to offer only / cameo ideas as well. RECURRING GUEST STAR”

Francis aka Thorn (we think)


“Female, 18 or older to play 17, open ethnicity, bright, a good kid, kicked around from foster home to foster home, Francis is now with an abusive foster father, John James, and his submissive wife, Karen. Sick and tired of being hurt, Francis has been having blackouts during which time she becomes her alter-ego, a meta human, who has superhuman strength and a desire for revenge….POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR (12) Shooting this month.”

And that’s everything we’ve heard! If you don’t know these characters, don’t worry. At the moment this is still only a rumor, so we’ll have to wait and see what truly becomes of it. If it turns out to be true though, do these characters sound like interesting additions to the show? Let us know in the comment section below!

The Flash Season 3 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, October 4 @8pm CST on The CW.


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