Aquaman Movie Villain Possibly Revealed


In two years we’re going to get our first solo Aquaman film. It seems unreal but it’s finally happening. Often at the receiving end of criticism and jokes from people as a “lame” and uninteresting character, Aquaman is actually very powerful and a badass if you read into his character enough, and Jason Momoa is just the person to portray such a character on the big screen. But a powerful hero needs a powerful nemesis to face in their film, and who better for Aquaman to face than his arch-nemesis, Black Manta?

According to The Wrap, Manta will be the villain Arthur Curry will take on in his solo film. Warner Bros. has yet to comment on this news, so nothing is officially yet obviously. Regardless of that, this is some cool news. Black Manta was actually included on our list of 5 Characters we want to see in a Suicide Squad sequel, so the fact that he’s even allegedly been announced to appear in the DC Extended Universe sounds good.


We explained the origin for Black Manta in our other post that we just mentioned above, but the character has gone through so many revisions that there’s plenty of origins for them to go with, but The New 52 origin seems like the most likely one. In that origin, Aquaman kills Black Manta’s father as retaliation after Manta killed a man. So of course Manta hated Aquaman after that, Aquaman hated Manta, and now we have our rivalry.

Take this news with a grain of salt. Until Warner Bros. confirms it, it’s just a rumor. Until then though, we’ll remain hopeful for the casting to be legit.

Aquaman is scheduled to release on July 27th, 2018.



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