5 Characters We Want to See in a Suicide Squad Sequel


[WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for Suicide Squad.]

Suicide Squad, the third film under the DC Extended Universe, has now hit theaters. Sadly for Warner Bros. and DC, it’s already become another divisive film that has fans arguing about whether it’s good or not. Regardless of that, it’s almost positive that we can expect to see a sequel or some type of follow up film to Suicide Squad.

The question is, are we going to see a somewhat different lineup? Slipknot bit the bullet pretty early on in the movie, and El Diablo seemed to have sacrificed himself in the final fight, so there’s at least two spaces right there that need some filling. Just like many teams (like The Avengers, Justice League, X-Men, etc), there’s been many lineup changes to these teams in the comics, so we’ve compiled a short list of 5 characters who we want to see in a Suicide Squad sequel.

Doctor Light


Arthur Light, aka Doctor Light was introduced to the Suicide Squad in their  1987 – 1992 run, but eventually died in the comics. He was a scientist who has the ability to manipulate light. This ability allows him to shoot light beams from his hands, create energy fields, become invisible, and even fly. In one storyline, he even trapped the members of the Justice League in light beams and created wormholes to send them to different planets while he tried to take over the world. Besides the fact that he’s pretty much a powerhouse, he also is a very skilled scientist and contains a genius level intellect. He originally designed a suit that allowed him to use these powers, but later configured a way to internalize the powers, rendering the suit useless. Well, it made him look “cool,” i guess. But that’s about it. The team in the film was full of individuals with no special abilities besides hand to hand combat and superb marksmanship, so adding an individual with brains and special powers would help them take on the next threat.



Bette Sans Souci, aka Plastique was a member of the Suicide Squad during the 1987 – 1992 run, but also the 2007-2008 run. In the comics, she was originally introduced as a woman who wore a suit that was covered in explosives that she would have to throw and manually detonate, but many years later her origin was altered and she was shown to contain the explosives within her body, allowing her to detonate them at will.  Her character was actually portrayed on both an episode of Smallville and on an episode of The Flash. Sadly she doesn’t have that much backstory, so if she were to be added to the sequel, David Ayer (or whoever would direct it) would need to give the actress some very specific directions on how they want her character played.



Barbara Ann Minerva, aka Cheetah was a member of the squad during their  2011 – 2014 run, although her time on the team was relatively short. here have actually been multiple people who have taken on the mantle of Cheetah, but we’re focusing on this specific version. In her origin, Minerva is a snotty, albeit ambitious British archaeologist born into wealth who partakes in an expedition to Africa in search of a female guardian who possesses the powers of a cheetah. Sadly things went askew and after a handful of events, she ended up partaking in a ritual that transformed her into the new guardian of the Cheetah, which was part blessing, part curse. An added plus of her being in the Suicide Squad sequel is that her character has a very rich history with Wonder Woman, so her inclusion could eventual lead to her becoming a villain that Wonder Woman takes on in her own respective sequel.

Black Manta


David (last name unknown), aka Black Manta, was a member of the 2011 – 2014 run of the Suicide Squad comics. Manta’s origin starts with his childhood. When he was younger, he was kidnapped and forced to work on a ship where he was abused by his captors. While on the ship, he saw Aquaman in the ocean and tried to signal for help, but Aquaman didn’t see him. So he grew up to hate Aquaman, and declared he would control the sea one day. Obviously he’s a villain to Aquaman, so introducing him via a Suicide Squad follow up film could help create tension between the characters, since they both reside in the ocean and have opposite goals.

Poison Ivy


What? Batman & Robin? No, there’s never been a version of this character in film. NEVER.

Pamela Lillian Isley, aka Poison Ivy was first introduced in Suicide Squad during their  1987 – 1992 run. This is another character with multiple origins, but we’re sticking with the one that’s known the best. Isley’s career starts when she goes to school to study advanced botanical biochemistry. After being seduced by her professor, she is tricked into being a part of an experiment in which she’s injected with poisons and toxins, which cause her skin to turn green and give her control over pretty much all plants. The negative side effect of this is she suffers insanity and constant mood swings due to the toxins she was injected with. In the comics she is actually one of Batman’s villains, and she’s also the best friend of Harley Quinn, so it wouldn’t be too hard to introduce her into their universe. There’s also a version of this character on FOX’s Gotham, although her character is still only a child and has yet to display any special abilities.

And that’s everyone we’d like to see for Suicide Squad 2! Obviously we don’t expect everyone to be in the sequel, but it’d be nice to see at least one of these join with the already established team. There’s been no official word on it, but hopefully we’ll get to see the squad take on another cataclysmic event when they grace the big screen again.

Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters.


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