Grant Gustin Says Flashpoint won’t Last All of Season 3


[This article contains SPOILERS for The Flash Season 3]

Fans have loved The Flash ever since it aired on The CW 2 years ago. The events that we’ve all seen in these first two seasons have been engaging, emotional, and fun to watch. However due to Barry (Grant Gustin) running back in time and saving his mother from death at the hands of Reverse-Flash, all the events that happened from his childhood to his adulthood are going to be drastically different, and the world we, the fans, have grown to love will be changed.

This event is known as Flashpoint, which is the name of the graphic novel these changes will loosely be based on, and it’s also the name of the first episode of season 3. Eventually in the graphic novel, Barry realizes he’s basically screwed up the world by letting his mother live, so he goes back in time to correct it. The question is: will Barry do the same thing in The Flash? Well we aren’t sure, but Grant Gustin has confirmed that the events won’t be permanent in an interview with IMDb:

I think we can state Flashpoint does not last all season longBut there are permanent ramifications.”


Okay so basically some things are going to return to normal, and some things are going to have long-lasting effects. Which things will be permanent though? We know that Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) suits up and becomes Kid Flash in this season. And on top of that there’s another dark speedster in Central City. Can we expect both of these guys to stick around? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The Flash Season 3 is scheduled to air on Tuesday, October 4 @8pm CST on The CW.


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