Marvel’s Inhumans Vs X-Men Begins in December


Whether it be in movies or in graphic novels, the X-Men have always been considered one of Marvel’s most valued and successful properties ( both commercially and in the hearts of fans). However, many fear that their time in Marvel comics may be coming to a conclusion soon for two reason. The first reason being that due to the fact that Marvel Studios has no film rights to these characters, they might be trying to cut making new stories for them (similar to what they did with the Fantastic Four). The other reason is because in the comics, the Mutants are actually slowly being weakened and ceasing to exist due to the Terrigen Mist that was released by the Inhumans (Black Bolt, specifically), as it is slowly entering the earths atmosphere and covering the whole planet.

Tension has been building between these two super-powered teams ever since the relaunching of Marvel comics All New, All Different began. Now it seems to be coming to a head, with the announcement of Inhumans Vs X-Men at San Diego Comic Con last week.

The story is to be Written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, and the art and covers by Leinil Yu. Axel Alonso, Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief gave us a little insight on why this showdown is going to take place at all:

“Tensions have been rising between the X-Men and the Inhumans for a long time. Now they’ve reached the boiling point and both sides have everything to lose. Charles, Jeff and Leinil are bringing the fireworks for a cataclysmic confrontation that answers the inevitable question: ‘Is the Marvel Universe big enough for Inhumans AND Mutants’?”


Marvel has also provided us with a proper plot description for the major event:

“As the Terrigen Mists roll across the Earth, birthing new Inhumans and poisoning the planet’s Mutants, time has run out! Terrigen is on the verge of reaching a saturation point in the Earth’s atmosphere. The X-Men have one choice – destroy the mists, or risk the planet becoming permanently poisonous to their kind. With their backs to the wall, it’s take action now…or become extinct forever.

United together, the entire Mutant race stages a desperate final strike. There’s only one problem – the Inhumans won’t go down without a fight. And they’re calling in everyone! The Royal Family, the Nuhumans, Ms. Marvel, Quake and even Moon Girl!

It’s all on the line as these two Marvel mainstays go head-to-head! Only one can survive. Who will be left standing when the dust clears? It’s all been leading to this! The ultimate war for survival begins this December in INHUMANS VS. X-MEN #1!”


It’s unknown to us if Marvel would actually use this event to wipe out the Children of the Atom, but one thing is for sure: one team will fall.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #1 is set to hit the shelves in December 2016.


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