Sony on Creating a Spider-Man Universe & Future With Marvel


One thing that most fans of Superhero films can agree on is that Sony didn’t always have the best film ideas when it came to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. From the first Spider-Man film (2002), to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2012), each film has made less than it’s predecessor, and each has been seen as worst than the worst by fans. However despite these less-than-amazing films, they still had an Amazing Spider-Man 3 planned, and even a whole film universe set to be filled with Spin-offs from Spider-Man’s supporting villains (i.e., Sinister Six, Sliver Sable, Venom, etc). Of course they eventually struck a deal with Marvel, which created the best live-action version of the webhead that we’ve ever seen. Does that mean they have any plans to discontinue with their shared universe though? Not really.

Tom Rothman, the chairman at Sony Pictures Entertainment, recently spoke to THR, and in the interview he was asked if a Spidey Universe was somewhere in their plans, and if Sony and Marvel had any projects coming out in the future.

“Yes to both those questions. It’s been fantastic, our relationship with Marvel.”

Following that, he was asked who gets the final say in what happens with the character, and to that he responded “Sony has the ultimate authority. But we have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they’re doing.”


So what does this mean? Well probably that we’re going to see a lot of Spider-Man characters being introduced to the MCU, and maybe a few crossovers in the future. There’s been reports that Sony is still planning to go forward with that Silver Sable movie, and she’s a rather unknown character, so they’re really pulling out all the stops. We know that Marvel and Sony are already working on an animated Spider-Man film (which isn’t connected to the upcoming Spidey film), but what else can we expect from this team up? Only time will tell.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is Scheduled to release on July 7th, 2017.


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