Assassin’s Creed: New Promo & BTS Footage Released

Many times, we’ve seen video games get turned into films, or even TV shows, and sadly the end result is never as amazing as we hoped it would be. We hoped Warcraft – the live action adaptation of World of Warcraft – would change that, but sadly we were mistaken. But, we shall remain hopeful for the Assassin’s Creed film that’s making it’s way to theaters by December of this year. We’ve already been treated to a teaser trailer for the film, but now we’ve also been given a first look at some behind-the-scenes footage for the movie.

Ubisoft held their annual E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) press conference yesterday, and it was only right that they give us something new in regards to the Assassin’s Creed film, since they’re the studio that gave us the video game franchise.


We received a few new scenes in the footage, showing us more of Callum Lynch (played by Michael Fassbender), who is our main protagonist in the film. We also got to see more of the supporting cast, Alan Rikkin (Jeremy Irons) and Sophia Rikkin (Marion Cotillard), who are two Templars we see using Lynch and his ancestor Aguilar’s (also played by Fassbender) memories to try and “enhance humankind through science”.


Watch the small bit of footage and let us know what you like so far and also what you want to see in the film!

Assassin’s Creed is scheduled to release on December 21st, 2016.


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