RUMOR PATROL: Wolverine 3 Title Revealed?


In less than a year we’re going to see Hugh Jackman take on the role of Wolverine for the last time, and it’s looking like they want to end off his run as the character on a high note. We’ve learned that they’re most likely adapting a fan favorite Wolverine story – Old Man Logan – to the big screen, and it’s set to be the first R-Rated Wolverine film. What’s more, it looks like we may have just received an official title for the film.

Game zone  claims to have a source – which they “assure” us is reliable – that says the film will be titled “Weapon X”, and we can expect to see the first bit of footage and even a poster at San Diego Comic Con 2016.


The name refers to a government organization that granted Logan his adamantium bones, making him more unstoppable than he was before, but also wiped his memories, leaving him a shell of his former self. We saw a glimpse of this Logan in X-Men: Apocalypse, so it does make sense that they’d follow up with this story, even if only for a little bit. We have kind of seen this story before, even if it was poorly done.

No one has confirmed or spoken on this rumor, so we’ll have to see what happens in the future. For the time being though, take it with a grain of salt.

Wolverine 3 is scheduled to be released on March 3rd, 2017.


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