Characters Confirmed for Justice League Action


It’s been just about a decade since Justice League Unlimited, the animated series featuring DC Comics’ popular heroes, was on TV, so when it was announced that a new series was being made on Cartoon Network, you can imagine how fans were both excited and worried. Justice League Action is following up the series, and we’ve gotten our first look at what the roster for the show will look like.

Many people expected the show to only focus on DC’s Trinity, which is made up of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, but to those many peoples’ surprise, it’s a bigger lineup than we expected! Here’s a zoomed in image of a few characters we can expect to see:


Obviously the Trinity in in there, but a few others are Blue Beetle, Dr.Light, Firestorm, Harley Quinn, Big Barda, Lobo, Satan Girl, etc. Some of these characters are easy to name, but some aren’t so recognizable due to the quality of the image. If you can name them all, sound off in the comment section below. Also, let us know how you feel about the series and the current lineup!

Justice League Action is set to premiere on Cartoon Network this fall.


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