Brian Tee Campaning to Play Namor in MCU


Marvel Studios has been expanding their film universe for years now. Sadly, they’re limited to what they can do due to the fact that they don’t own every Marvel character. Recently though, Joe Quesada, the Chief Creative Officer over at Marvel stated that a specific character “most likely” belongs to them: Namor. Obviously a statement like that reached plenty of ears, and it’s already lead to a certain actor wanting to take on the role in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Brian Tee (who you can catch playing Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows) discovered that Marvel regained the rights to the Submariner, and he dove right in (pun intended), throwing his name in the pool (okay last one, sorry) of potential actors. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tee spoke on his desire to play the role:

“This is what: Just saying, Marvel Studios just picked up the rights to Namor, who is the Submariner, and I would love to play the Submariner. I grew up as a comic geek and the Submariner is one of my childhood’s fondest superheroes. I feel like I can play him! If there is one role, right now, that I would love to play, it would be Namor.”


Tee has been seen in multiple roles in comic book films, and he’s played a villain in each of those, so it wouldn’t be too hard to imagine him bring Namor to life. What’s more, is that fans have even taken a liking to this idea, causing a hashtag to start trending on twitter: #BrianTeeAsNamor.

As of right now, Marvel hasn’t made any plans for the submariner to appear in the MCU, but if they do, they’ve got their guy already. Are you guys feeling Brian Tee for this role, or would you prefer someone else? Let us know in the comment section below!



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