Battle Angel Atila: Rosa Salazar Cast in Lead Role


One thing that Hollywood has been trying to experiment with lately seems to be adapting popular Japanese manga or anime into live-action productions. Next year will helm the release of Ghost In The Shell, There’s a Full Metal Alchemist movie in development, and another property that’s currently being worked on is Battle Angel Atila. Another popular thing that us Westerners do is cast people with no Japanese -or any type of Asian- heritage in roles based of of Japanese characters, and they’ve done it once more.

After narrowing it down from a list of three actresses (those three being Zendaya Coleman, Maika Monroe, and Rose Salazar), the latter has been cast as the lead in the film, and will playing the protagonist named Atila.

In the manga, Battle Angel is based in a post apocalyptic future. It follows the story of Atila, a cyborg who remembers nothing about herself or her past (except for a special martial art exclusive to cyborgs, named Panzer Kunst). Atila is found by a doctor who specializes in cybernetics, and he tends to her while she goes on a journey to discover her past and find out who she once was.


Rose Salazar had a pretty significant role in both Maze Runner: Scorch Trails and also Insurgent. She’s proven she’s got acting chops and she can handle a blockbuster film, and on top of that she seems to love appearing in films that are set in dystopian futures, so Battle Angel should fit her perfectly. James Cameron (Avatar) has been brought back on as the film’s producer, and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is set as the director. Battle Angel isn’t that well known, but with other films similar to it coming out soon, it should do just fine. We’re just going to have to wait and see what 20th Century Fox cooks up while adapting this story to the big screen.

Battle Angel Atila has yet to receive an official release date, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as it does.


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