Geoff Johns and Jon Berg Placed as Co-Heads of DCEU


After the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, many people were left wondering if future directors of Warner Bros./DC films should have as much creative control on their projects as Zack Snyder did. This doesn’t mean that DC films need a one person dictating everything they can and can’t do with a film, but rather a helping hand that kind of guides and helps the process keep on the path it should be. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has entrusted Kevin Feige with this type of role, and it seems as those the DCEU has found their equivalent.

Geoff Johns, who was previously the Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment, has been placed in charge of overseeing the DC Films, along with Jon Berg, the executive VP over at Warner. Bros.

It’s good that they paired these two up to oversee the films, seeing as how they each excels in their respective Studios’ main craft. Johns started off just writing comics for DC, but became a household name when he started helming their major crossover events and other stories, so his ascension to the DC Entertainment side makes sense. His input will help the transition of the iconic characters that fans love become easier to go from the pages of comic books to the big screen. On the other side, Berg  helped work on BvS, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and will be assisting with Justice League too. He definitely has some experience with Comic Book-related films, and his previous work with Ben Affleck on his film Argo shows he already has an established relationship with some of the team, which will be important when it comes to understanding everyone’s vision for these projects.


With the direction the DCEU was going, you couldn’t really tell what their plans were honestly, but now that they have some people in charge, it should be easier to follow, and hopefully the films will only get better as time goes on.

What do you guys think of these changes? Will it work in their favor or backfire? Sound off in the comment section below.


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