Supergirl Season 2 Teaser Released; CW Teases Big Superhero Crossover

Many fans were worried when they found out that Supergirl was not being renewed for a second season on CBS, but they were even happier to find out that it’d be making its way to The CW with the rest of the DC TV superhero shows. The show will be relocating to Vancouver (which is where The CW shows do their filming), and it seems The CW is already embracing the show pretty well since they released a teaser for it on their network already. It was footage from the Supergirl x Flash crossover event, but it basically solidified that the Girl of Steel was making the trip from network to network (watch that above). As well as that one, The CW released another trailer showing all of the Superheroes on their channel (even the less prominent ones like Vixen and Jonah Hex). Everyone gets a chance to shine, but of course this is another way to welcome Supergirl into the fold. You can watch that trailer here.

Of course, the show being brought to The CW didn’t guarantee it would revel in the crossover events with the other shows, but Mark Pedowitz, the head honcho over at CW, has came forward and confirmed that will be happening, saying that “our annual crossover event this fall [will] be the biggest one ever.”


Supergirl was doing relatively fine on CBS on it’s own, but it’s kind of relieving to know that the show has sort of come “home” with being on CW. Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell (Supergirl, Flash, Green Arrow), and other stars who play superheroes on The CW have expressed their excitement for the crossover, so it’s good that the cast members are on board with it. Maybe we’ll get a DC TV Justice League with all these heroes coming together, who knows? We just hope it does as well on this network, and hopefully even better.

Supergirl Season 2 will return in Fall on The CW.

The Flash airs on The CW every Tuesday at 8/7pm CST; Arrow at the same time on Wednesday; Legends of Tomorrow at the same time on Thursday.


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