Booster Gold Film in Development by ‘Arrow’ and ‘Flash’ co-creator


In this golden age of Superhero films, pretty much anything is fair game at this point. A lot of unknown properties have been doing way better than anyone would’ve expected them to at box offices (such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man). While Marvel Studios has been the main one reveling in their success, it looks like Warner Bros. and DC want to try and get in on some of that action.

Greg Berlanti, the co-creator of Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl is in the process of getting a live action Booster Gold film off the ground. He’s actually been trying to get Booster Gold on the small screen for a while (just about 5 years), but it looks like he’s finally got things in motion.

Booster Gold is a DC Comics superhero named Michael Jon Cater. Carter is an egotistical, glory seeking athlete from the 25th century who, after being kicked off of his football team and expelled from school, ends up working at a museum where he steals some equipment and travels back to the 20th century to be a superhero and gain fame and wealth.


While it’s unsure how this film would fit into WB’s DCEU at this time, maybe if they expand the Justice League further down the line he could be squeezed in there. That is, if Warner Bros. even green lights this film.

Booster Gold has usually been known to be something of a laughing stock, and a character of his nature would fit in a film with a “comedic” tone, which doesn’t seem to be the tone that any of the DC films seem to be taking (besides Aquaman).

In the end, Berlanti has a vision for this film, a writer in mind, and he’s willing to direct it himself. We’re just going to have to wait and see if Warner Bros. is opened to headlining such an unknown character in the next few years.

No release date for Booster Gold since the film has yet to even be greenlit.


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