RUMOR PATROL: Vulture to Appear in Spider-Man Reboot?


A new rumor has surfaced pertaining to the rebooted Spider-Man film that both Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are going to be working on.

In an article by Devin Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death, he claims to have bumped into a member of the production team involved with the Spider-Man reboot, who confirmed to him that the title of the film is likely to be Spider-Man: Homecoming, as rumored before [UPDATE: This title has now officially been confirmed]. The unnamed source also suggested that Vulture, one of the many villains in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, is set to be one of, if not the only villain in the film:

“The Vulture will be in this movie. Will he be the main baddie? Will he be a villain Spidey has to defeat in an opening scene? I don’t know, although old rumors that passed by my ears indicated a non-main villain role for the old bird.”

So if this rumor is true, it looks as though The Vulture won’t be the only villain the web-head has to take on in this film, but who else could be involved?

We know Sam Raimi, the director of the original Spider-Man trilogy always wanted to include The Vulture in one of his films, so if this rumors proves true, it will be a long time coming. We’ll just have to wait and see what becomes of all this.

The untitled Spider-Man solo film is scheduled to release on July 7, 2017.


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