Wolverine 3: Boyd Holbrook Cast as Villain


So here’s what we know so far about the third and final Wolverine solo film (for Hugh Jackman, anyway):

We know that it’s pushing for an R-Rating so that it can open up a new realm of previously unseen opportunities for this film, we also know it’s been rumored that the film will be taking many cues from the Old Man Logan storyline for inspiration, and recently Hugh Jackman himself announced he had been reading those comics for a bit more backstory, so that statement is looking pretty good right now.Also, we know it’s got a March 2017 release date. That’s been it. Until now.

Just recently it was announced that Narcos’ star Boyd Holbrook had been confirmed to star in the film as the main villain.


While Holbrook’s character has yet to be announced, it’ll be interesting to see what he can bring to this film, some of the projects he’s been involved with like Gone Girl and Milk aren’t exactly action paced films, but his work in Narcos shows that he can handle an action scene here and there. We’re just hopeful that his role serves as more than just another forgettable villain for Wolverine.

Wolverine 3 is scheduled to be released on March 3rd, 2017.


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