Fast & Furious 8: Charlize Theron Joining Cast


No one ever expected the Fast & Furious franchise to last as long as it did, and still is. But here it is, still breaking box office records and increasing the stakes in each film, keeping fans wanting more. These films have take the movies from simple street races in Los Angeles to saving the world from Cyber-terrorist and skydiving with cars. A lot has changed. With the passing of the late Paul Walker, some expected the last film to be the final entry in this franchise, but Universal studios still has a few more movies left before they want to bring this franchise to a stop.

Of course, with new entries comes new characters, and that’s where Charlize Theron makes her appearance.

Theron just closed her deal and is official apart of the cast, set to take part in this cast of well-known stars in the franchise’s eight installment. It’s currently unknown whether the Mad Max: Fury Road star will be portraying a villain or joining Dom’s crew in this installment. However if she end’s up being the former, she’ll be working with a familiar face, seeing as how her and Jason Statham (Decker Shaw in the film), were co-stars in The Italian Job, where they were both a part of a team of criminals who were also skilled getaway drivers. In addition to that, Theron has had many roles in action films, and her role in Fury Road shows how well she is in an film that involves car chases and action sequences. We’ll keep you guys updated as soon as we find out more about her role.

As or right now, what do you guys think though? Excited to see Theron join the cast? Let us know in the comment section below.

Fast & Furious 8 is scheduled to release on  April 17th, 2017.


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