Mass Effect Andromeda: Gameplay Footage Leaked Online


It looks like some gameplay footage has leaked online in regards to Bioware’s fourth entry in the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The video shows only a few of the new mechanics – such as the inclusion of jetpacks, hello- that are going to be implemented in this entry, and also some locations and characters. It’s a short clip, and is said to represent the game when it was being worked on in 2014, and apparently it doesn’t look exactly like this now. You can see the video here , or you can view it below:

It’s unknown who the protagonist is going to be this time around, but it’s known that Commander Shepard is no longer around, and this is set a considerable amount of time after the original games. This leaked footage hardly shows anything from the actual game, so we’ll have to wait and see if more content arises, or if EA and Bioware will actually officially release footage on their own.


Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available to play in early 2017.


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