Gambit Movie Delayed….Again.


Alright we’re just gonna say it’s looking less and less hopeful for a Gambit solo film to ever actually come to fruition.  Lets keep this short and sweet.

The film’s director, Doug Liman ( Jumper, Mr. & Mrs. Smith ), had put working on Gambit on hold for the time being to work on Amazon Studios’ first original movie, The Wall. Don’t start freaking out though, Liman has confirmed that he still plans to direct Gambit. The Wall is said to be a minor production, so it shouldn’t take too much time for him to direct, and seeing as how he’s the second director to take on Gambit, it’d really suck if he decided to drop it all together.

So while the film was expected to release this year, we probably shouldn’t expect to see it until 2017. Channing Tatum is still set in the titular role, and Reid Carolin is rewriting the script, so it looks like we can still expect the film to release at some point. We’re just hopeful that this is the last delay.

Gambit no longer has an official release date, but we’ll let you know when that changes.


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