Aquaman Movie: Director Hints at Sea Monsters in Film


Fans who have already made it to theaters to see Batman V Superman have already gotten their first look at Arthur Curry aka Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa), who we can expect to see star in his own solo film, and also the Justice League films.

The film has been given a 2018 release date, and it’s going to be helmed by Insidious and Fast 7 director James Wan. So far, we’ve seen only images of his costume (which was partially inspired by Polynesian cultured and designed around the badass tattoos Momoa already possesses), but now we’ve been given some insight regarding the types of enemies our titular hero could be up against.

In his panel at Wondercon 2016, Wan shares how as well as researching sea creatures in the Marina Trench, he’s also using his own imagination for the setting and creatures:

“I think, like most people, we are familiar with Aquaman. We grew up reading or watching this character on the peripheral. I was never so in depth with Aquaman as, let’s say, I was with X-Men. I grew up loving X-Men, Spider-Man and Batman. Those are obviously the key big ones, but there’s always something kind of cool about Aquaman still, the idea of creating a huge world that is on our planet. That’s the thing about Aquaman that’s cool is he’s not an alien, right? He’s from our planet and he’s from a society that we’re not privy to in the context of the story. Isn’t it crazy to think that we’ve explored space more than we have explored the depths of our ocean? That just fires up my imagination about potential sea monsters and cool creatures, that kind of stuff.”


Wan later says that he considers Aquaman to be the “underdog” of all these heroes, seeing as how he is probably the most made fun of superhero around. He looks forward to making the Aquaman movie fun, despite the dark and gritty tone set by DC and Warner Bros. This is a new property for live action films, so Wan has his work cut out for him. We’ll just have to see what he comes up with for this movie when the first trailer drops.

Aquaman is scheduled to release on July 27th, 2018.


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