Zack Snyder Weighs in on ‘Justice League’ Film


Behind every great cinematic shared universe is a great director/planner/overall mastermind. Luckily for DC Comics and Warner Bros. studios, they have Zack Snyder in the drivers sear, leading these films down the road to success.

Snyder is responsible for directing Man of Steel and also Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he’ll be returning once again to direct both Justice League films as well. Filming will begin to take place in the UK for the first of the two movies in just a few short weeks, and Snyder has let a few small things spill about the film, such as the title and a few logo ideas.

While in an interview with Collider, Snyder had this to say about the title and logo of the upcoming Justice League film:

Right now the working title is Justice League. Actually, I’m in that phase where I’ve been drawing logos and I’ve been drawing title treatments and stuff like that to try and figure out what it means, what Justice League is, visually, so we’ll see if the name evolves with this visual presentation.

Now, while fans thought that saying “Batman Vs Superman” was a mouth full, adding the subtitle Dawn of Justice just took it to another level. Those who were hopeful for Snyder to just stick with the simple title “Justice League” maybe be out of luck, seeing as how he’s been drawing logos and trying to see what works. The title doesn’t affect the quality of the film itself however, so it shouldn’t be an real issue for any fans in the long run.

On the topic of the film’s schedule: Snyder had this to say to Collider:

The schedule’s close, it’s not quite as long, but give or take. We have a more efficient machine in England because we have a big backlot that we built for Gotham and Metropolis, so it’ll be easier to photograph than when you have to close down streets. But it’s a beautiful backlot

So a shorter schedule means they’ve got less time to squeeze in as much as they can. Why is that? We’re not sure. On another note, Warner Bros. seems to favor shooting at this UK location, seeing as how this is where some of Wonder Woman will be shot at as well.


Snyder is a very capable director, and we’re sure whatever he decides to include into his finale version of the Justice League films will be the best of his abilities. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes to fruition.

Justice League Part One is scheduled to release on November 17th, 2017.



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