Civil War II: The Heroes Pick a Side


One of the most critically acclaimed and successful graphic novels from Marvel Comics was 2006-2007’s Civil War, written by Mark Millar. The storyline was emotional and  shattered ties and relationships between friends and allies alike, changed the Marvel universe forever. Ten years later, a film is being made that loosely adheres to the events of the storyline, and as well as the film, a new variation of the iconic story is being made.

The big issue this time around is that a new Inhuman with the ability to see into the future has been discovered, and the heroes are trying to decide whether to use the Inhuman’s abilities as a precognitive resource to stop crime before it even takes place – similar to 2002’s Minority Report – or if they should just reject the Inhuman’s powers and let time unfold on it’s own. A promo poster was released, showcasing the star players in either team:


On the “change the future” side, we have Captain Marvel leading the charge. Behind her is Spectrum, the Winter Soldier, the Blue Marvel, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Medusa, Vision, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Captain America (Steve Rogers), and War Machine.

On the “protect the future” side, we have Iron Man leading the charge (once again), and standing with him are Deadpool, Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Black Widow, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Hercules, Luke Cage, Miss America, Daredevil, Black Panther, Thor, and Star-Lord.

This storyline is obviously set after the time/universe-altering events of 2015’s Secret Wars, which lead to a change in the main Marvel canon replacing some characters with newer versions (AKA, a female Thor, and an Asian-American Hulk), and also adding some faces that are now more ubiquitous due to their success in the Marvel films (such as Star-Lord).

Some of these heroes look out of place on their teams, and some look like they should be playing for the other side, but of course everything will make more sense when the first issue is released in June.


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