Captain America: Civil War Second Trailer Debuts Tomorrow; Spider-Man Rumored to Appear


Tomorrow is a big day for fans who have been hoping to see any new glimpses of the upcoming third installment in the Captain America Franchise, Civil War. 

A few hours earlier (at the time of writing this), two short teaser were released on the internet for the film. Each video – 17 seconds in length- showcases the two teams opposing each other in Civil War (dubbed #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan). Following that, each video announces that a world trailer premiere will be taking place tomorrow, on March 9th. You can take a quick look at each clip below:

The content of the new trailer is yet to be known, so we’re unsure if it’ll be stuff we already saw in the initial trailer, but with a new order and some flashy editing, or if it’s some brand spanking new footage. However, there have been rumors circling the web (via Latino Review) that we should be getting a pretty heavy dosage of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in this second trailer. This is in no way a confirmed thing though, just a rumor. And rumors are usually hit or miss. On the other hand, if we do get a trailer packed with Spider-Man, it’ll be a smart play on Marvel’s part. It should give the movie even more traction and hype by the time it’s May release date comes around.


Fan made poster

Regardless of if Spider-Man is featured in the trailer or not though, it will most likely be received well by fans. We’ll just have to wail until tomorrow to see what bears fruit in the new footage.

Captain America: Civil War is Scheduled to release on May 6th, 2016


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