Captain America: Civil War Expected to Have 15 Minute IMAX Fight Sequence


2016 is packed with Superhero films, and a popular theme in some of these films is heroes fighting..heroes? Later this month, we can see Batman and Superman exchange fisticuffs on the big screen in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and just a short 2 months after that, we’ll get to see Captain America and Iron Man (plus each of their own collection of mini Avenger groups) duking it out in Captain America: Civil War, the third installation in the Captain America franchise. We’ve already gotten a few quick looks at the heroes exchanging a few blows in the trailer that was released a few months back, but according to some sources, they’ll be exchanging more than just “a few” blows.

A few of the main components involved with having a successful fight scene are intensity and length, and it looks like directors Anthony and Joe Russo have gotten both of those down to a T.

While being interviewed by Screen Rant, co-director Joe Russo commented on the scene were both Iron Man and Captain America’s team were charging at one another on the airport tarmac:

“This whole sequence is in IMAX, it’s about a 15-minute sequence. It’s the only one that we’re doing on the camera. The camera literally just rolled off the press like a week before we started using it. It’s an IMAX 65, so it’s the ARRI’s 65. It’s a join camera between ARRI’s and IMAX. We’re going to shoot all of Infinity War on those cameras.”

The fact that they chose only this scene to be shot in IMAX should just illustrate how important it was for them to highlight the gravity of the events taking place. Only an IMAX camera would be able to capture the immensely chaotic situation, and also help place the viewers right smack in the heat of the battle.

The length of this scene could raise a few eyebrows here and there, but you have to remember that at least a dozen heroes will be going at it out there, so the length is necessary if we’re expected to see each character shine in this battle among former friends.


The Russo Bros. also stated that while they’re just using this new camera for a short 15 minutes in this film, they plan to shoot both Infinity War part 1 & 2 (two films they’re both also directing) completely in IMAX. That’s just about five or so hours of IMAX footage. Let that sink in.

They could be using the 15 minutes in Civil War as a test run for Infinity War. Or maybe not. We’re not sure. Either way, we can expect those 15 minutes to probably be the most captivating, but painful parts of the film to watch. We’ll have to wait and see.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to release on May 6th, 2016



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