Russo Brothers on Dealing with So Many Characters in Civil War


In Phase 1 of Marvel, we were introduced to a good number of characters in their own respective origin films. Then at the end of it all was the film that everything was leading to from the start, The Avengers. That movie was the first time we had really seen a “large” number of heroes in one live-action film at one time, until Phase 2 came along and we got movies with large ensembles such as Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Now, with Captain America: Civil War on the way, and an even larger cast in this film, it kind of makes you wonder how the Russo Brothers are going to tackle it. Luckily they break it down for us.

In an exclusive interview with the Russo Bros.,  asked the directing duo questions about the film pertaining to how they were able to balance all the characters out, and this is what they had to say:

“My brother and I, we’ve always loved ensemble storytelling. And if you look at a lot of our work, we worked in ensembles a lot from our first movie Welcome to Collinwood to our television shows. We love ensembles, and I think we’re kind of in tune to the idea of telling the story that has more than a single protagonist. We like that kind of story. We like depth storytelling. We like layered storytelling. Joe and I, as we were developing the script with the writers, we like to pick a path and look at the script from every different character’s point of view. Even though it’s Cap’s movie, and the ultimate way we decide where to go with the film is filtered through Cap’s perspective, we do take time and walk ourselves through the story from every single character’s point of view as if it’s their movie… We know how important these characters are. We love these characters ourselves. We know that there’s somebody sitting out there in the audience whose favorite character is that one, even if that character has only a few scenes in the movie. We want to make sure everyone’s coming to the movie and it’s going to get a lot of satisfaction and have a lot of fun with what’s being done with their favorite character in the movie, regardless of who it is. We work really hard to do a lot and do something special with characters who may only have limited screen time in the film.”

It looks like they’re making it a top priority to balance out each character’s role in the film, all while still keeping Cap in the thick of it. With a cast as large as this one is going to be, it seems like that’ll be a hard thing to balance. However, the Russo Bros. have a good standing at the moment after their huge success with the previous Captain America film, so we’ll keep hopeful and just see how each character fits into the film when Civil War comes out in May.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to release on May 6th, 2016.


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